PT Nobi Putra Angkasa was established on July 26, 1984 by Ir. Iman Abadi, MM with a deed of public notary Imas Fatimah, SH. notary article no. 40. PT Nobi Putra Angkasa is the first producer of cable ladders and cable trays in Indonesia, as a pioneer in the industry.

The constructions of the buildings, factories, power plants, telecommunication networks, and the oil, gas, and mining facilities in Indonesia became the stimulants of the PT. Nobi Putra Angkasa establishment, development and growth.

Since it was first founded, the company had been determined to keep producing the cable ladders and cable trays and other products which in line to our field of productions. Now the company had developed panel boxes or enclosures as development of product line in its business.

The experience in producing of the products through the years has made PT. Nobi Putra Angkasa to further endeavor providing better services to the customer.